Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you believe that your meat is so much better than the rest?

Because we use traditional meat breeds; we rear them slowly and naturally, mainly on grass and grass products; and we process them to an traditional specification. For instance, our beef is hung more than 25 times longer than some leading supermarkets' beef! Quality' for us does not mean uniform appearance, but the flavour, texture, and tenderness of our meats. Excellent animal welfare, slow development, and traditional skills make Little Pirzwell products very different. We support the Slow Food movement and similar projects International Society for Ecology & Culture as they help to create real food.


After all your care, inputs and small numbers of stock, surely your meats cannot offer good value for money?

We and our customers would disagree! Compare us on quality. Compare the average price per kg/lb of beef or lamb through our Beef or Lamb Boxes with any top-quality butcher - or even a supermarket. (And of course the supermarket comparison assumes the fast food, mass production, flavourless quality of supermarket meat.) Customers tell us that our meats are wonderfully tender and palatable, when cooked properly. See what happens when you cook our beef or lamb correctly - it shrinks less. That means you have a lot less waste than with the over-lean supermarket meats. And of course you have our natural rearing process and the possible health benefits - the flavour and palatability of real meat - the environmental benefits from sustainability - the welfare of the animals - total traceability.


Regulation is essential these days - how is your product regulated?

Mainly by the consumer - you. Visit us and check it out. You are the best judge of what you require. Deliberately we avoid the paper-based systems of so many agencies, since they prove little that you need to know. Instead we belong to agencies including the Wholesome Food Association and Devon Cattle Breeders Society, that do not tolerate members operating low standards. We are grateful also to the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) whose photos are included here with permission, Devon County Council's Trading Standards Dept and Mid-Devon Council's Environmental Health Dept, for technical information and guidance.


I live beyond the Blackdown Hills/West Country - can I still buy your naturally-reared meats?

Yes - request next-day mail delivery, or you can collect. Ask us.


Why do customers often have to wait for your beef or lamb to be available, whereas some other outlets have theirs continuously available?

In a word, 'seasonality'. We work with the seasons rather than against them, so your food will be fresh and natural. That is your guarantee of natural rearing. We do not 'buy-in' just to keep up stocks. But our products will keep well in your freezer, to enjoy when you want them - at any time of the year.


How should I store your meats?

You will need a correctly-functioning freezer, for our meat freezes and keeps well like that. Then you can enjoy naturaily-reared beef and lamb throughout the year.


Do you offer any smaller packs or individual items of meat?

Customers tell us that Beef Boxes (Whole or Half), and Whole or Half Lamb Boxes are the right size for most households. However, some customers operate as a group, buying a Box between them, to share its contents among their family or friends. A very economical way to buy small amounts of superb beef and lamb. And more people can benefit.


Are you organic?

Due to the high costs, we opted not to seek formal organic registration - which means we cannot use the 'O' word at all! Instead, we maintain sustainable farming principles for our holding and livestock management, supported by the Wholesome Food Association. We are practically organic.







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