How great meat is achieved?

Our farming system is focussed upon ‘natural rearing’. Avoiding formal ‘organic’ certification (as expensive and variable standards), instead we practise similar principles of sustainability in soil health on which to develop healthy plants and livestock.

Instead of chemical fertilisers, grass is nurtured with plenty of white clover and well-composted manures. These provide nutrients slowly and appropriately, and help to retain soil moisture in summer. The farm has trees, hedges and wild areas too, that encourage natural predators and disease prevention.

We are affiliated to The Wholesome Food Association that supports sustainable small farming systems, local food production and organic standards. All cattle and sheep are reared in small numbers. They develop slowly, starting with mother’s milk, before being weaned onto grass and traditional feeds. They grow naturally, without added hormones, growth promoters or the latest shortcuts.

Recent research too has suggested that grass-fed meats may be better for human health. "All grass-fed beef has a higher level of essential fatty acids - the omega 3 oils crucial to the proper function of our brains and circulation systems. The better the grass and the more complex the mixture of grasses and herbs on which the cattle feed, the higher the level of essential fatty acids."

Source: The Times Country Life Review 1/11/03.




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