Why is our meat so different?

You can’t enjoy the best if we don’t use the best!

It all depends on livestock breeds, farming system, traditional processing standards - and cooking.

We benefit from research & development that has proved sustainable over hundreds of years, not just today’s fashion for ‘bigger is better’. For instance, North Devon (Red Ruby) cattle are present-day descendants of Francis Quartly’s 18th century improvement of ancient British red cattle, at North Molton on Exmoor. We use traditional meat breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and North Devon and they thrive on the traditional cattle diet of grass and grass products. We rear them slowly and naturally and we process them to a traditional specification. For instance, our beef is hung more than 25 times longer than some leading supermarkets’ beef!

Quality’ for us does not mean uniform appearance, but the flavour, texture, and tenderness of our meats. Excellent animal welfare, slow development, and traditional skills make Little Pirzwell products very different. We support the Slow Food movement and similar projects, eg: International Society for Ecology & Culture as they help to create real food.

For mass-market beef and lamb production by contrast, ‘Quality’ primarily refers to uniformity of size, shape and colour, at the expense of flavour and texture. Whereas our beef retains traditional ‘marbling’ so essential to tenderness and flavour - and is excellent value too, since it shrinks less in cooking!






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