Locally farmed, naturally reared beef and lamb. We have been growing happy, healthy cattle and sheep on our 16 acre farm in East Devon for years.

What We Rear

Ruby Red Devon Cattle

The finest, most docile converters of grass to beef you can find. But don’t take our word for it, ask the Devon Cattle Breeders Association.

Jacob / Shropshire Cross Sheep

Cross bred to combine the great meat production of Shropshire’s with the hardiness of Jacob sheep.

A Mixture of Chickens

Child and eggs not for sale…

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Our Farm In Numbers


Acres of rolling East Devon grassland (roughly).

Half a dozen (ish)

Ruby Red Devon cattle.


Jacob / Shropshire sheep.

You Can Taste The Quality

There has never been a better time to eat wholesome food, whilst knowing who has cared for the animal and how it has been reared. We are a proud member of the Wholesome Food Association and passionately care for not only our livestock, but the overall stewardship and sustainability of our land aswell.

  • Breeds are chosen specifically to be delicious
  • We farm in as sustainable a way as possible
  • Produce is seasonal, it is only available when the animals are ready
  • Delivery or collection to suit

“The taste is amazing!”

You can really notice the difference when cooking and eating.

Jo & Emma

“Knowing where my food comes from is important to me”

Not only is it peace of mind, but it’s also informative for our kids.