Lamb, Hogget and Mutton

Lamb, hogget and mutton come as whole or half animals and vary in weight.  We only select lambs that have reached a minimum of 40kg live-weight to ensure that our customers are getting a fair amount of meat for their money.

We can modify cuts in Beef and Lamb Boxes to suit your requirements, wherever possible. Please call to discuss.

Typical whole lamb box contents: (some variations to these amounts may naturally ocurr due to different sized / proportioned animals)

  • 2 Legs – whole or halved
  • 2 Shoulders – whole, halved or boned-out & diced
  • Chops in packs of 2 – standard; can have Barnsley chops (double loin chops) only for one person having whole lamb; can have rib chops as rack (and french-trimmed)
  • Breast – boned & rolled, boned not rolled, or on the bone
  • Scrag end (neck) – only 1 per lamb
  • Offal – liver, kidneys & heart, can use bone from breast for your dog
Lamb Yield Guide – AHDB
Standard Quality Mark –